Total Phase Out of Jeepneys in Metro Manila

The vehicle clan of jeepneys should be phased out in the Metro because it’s one of the main causes of pollution and disorientation in every road of the city.

With its poor window attachment and backdoor-less design, it gives passengers health inconvenience because smoke in the air would likely invade their lungs. According to the 2007 joint report of the World Bank and the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources, poor air quality kills about 5,000 people in Metro Manila every year . The too-open design of a jeepney also causes unwanted danger to people riding to its services. We are all aware that there have been countless incidents wherein the passengers are harassed and held-up which only proves that this public vehicle’s safety is in a very poor taste. It’s also one of the vehicles that releases the dirtiest smoke that damages not only the city’s environment but the ozone layer.

A large number of jeepneys are rolling along the highways of Metro Manila which affects the city’s flow of traffic than any other vehicle. Jeepneys intervene with the developing efficient mass transit in the Philippines and have become ghastly images of the city’s metaphorical poverty whenever they turn vacant roads and even street corners into alternative terminals.

People are better off taking other public vehicles because jeepneys are very uncomfortable to anyone’s back. Trains and buses are more convenient for passengers. They are air-conditioned, the seats are nicer and you don’t have to worry about the ravaging pollution outside.

On the other hand, some people would prefer riding jeepneys for the practical reason that it offers the cheapest fare despite its dismal level of service. If ever jeepneys would be phased out, it would likely affect the marginalized group of people in the Metro, not to mention the jeepney drivers who would lose their jobs.

It’s true that jeepney fare is cheaper than any other vehicle, but you can’t trade good health and safety for few peso amounts. The government should have a plan for people who’d be affected by the outcome of banning jeepneys in Metro Manila.

Jeepneys have been more of a menace than transporting vehicles on the high ways of Metro Manila. If they would all be phased out, we will be spared from pollution, felons and nerve-wrecking Third-World traffic that has been eating the whole city for a lot of years. E-jeepneys have been said to replace the old jeepneys, but it’ll still take time before it’ll roll on the roads of Metro Manila. The government should hurry the process of powering the E-Jeepney plan because the city needs to breathe with the right wheels. The government just has to make sure that if this will be done, the commuters should not be troubled with fare costs and the people who would lose jobs would get an alternative living.

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