Sadness is a Holiday

The wind chimes sway like fairies in the bottle

I’m dancing in the afternoon where skies are red and green

The steps are easy like blowing hearts and kisses

It gives me joy when falling into empty spaces


I hope this day you take my hand with glee

Feed me with your eyes, touch me and make us happy

When the breeze is cold and streets are roulette lights

Someone is looking down, wanting you to step it right


The people outside are running out of words

Making the air lovely, but doing it not for free

When love is gone and the spirit is dark and cold

Were the smiles and warm tears absent?

Is the day filled with emptiness?


Picking up roses and tossing them in the basket

Doesn’t make your hand bleed whether it be naked

Look of familiar faces and pictures of old missing warmth

Are to be shown in magnificent, overpowering light


It’s the day like none other, to give yourself to the world

Traces of unlikely smudge should be wiped into gold

When you look for happiness and be stuck in the middle of a trap

It’s not hard to close your eyes and dream for fireworks to clap


You won’t find treasure from the gifts you are given

Every beat is to be noticed and every hand is to be celebrated

The heart is within you, it’s not placed anywhere underneath

Find it not in vanity but in the days where unselfishness is free


–  Reynaldo D. Pagsolingan Jr., 2010

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