A Relationship

It took me seven times to walk out

The floor is too pretty to just live not on the inside

If hate is what I mean when defining what unloved is

I’m drugged with delusions that didn’t really make sense

Walking alone has always been a pleasure to me

You do not worry, you’re living it free

But when times are tough and wounds are cut deep

Is the phone too near or my chest finds its beating?

Would I rush to the door when all is crumbling?

Are the problems with solutions when it’s like a broken record?

I hope you stop talking, I hope you stop breathing

Come alive again when I hear the notes of good music

We get along together when storms are behind the whites

The face is without dirt and fire is frozen on the fridge

You’ve always been like that when I was still half a tree

I just wish you change so I won’t bleed when I’m pretending

If in the morning you couldn’t bear me a smile,

and if in the summer you couldn’t rain without the thunders…

I will put on my shoes and leave the house.

I will close the door, but always know that my arms will remain open.

– Reynaldo D. Pagsolingan Jr., 2011

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