Courageous Guppies (The Young Sharks of the Dead Sea)


We stood up for our fears and got smacked by your sneers
You took our voices and replaced it with empty phrases
We are fighting ‘coz there’s no use weeping
Do free the ravens to serve our one true maiden

All we want to do is sing a tuneful record while
writing poems of your misunderstandings
Listen to the scribbling noises and
we shall celebrate the blood that was unshed
Hear us out, hear us out
We are the young sharks of the dead sea

You gave us half an ear instead of two
The world had aged you badly, but your senses aren’t impaired
Your reflection is in the water (crystal, but unmoving)
It’s in your rearview mirror (handsome, but ghostly)
It’s cracking and it’s ridiculously ugly

We will carry a silver spoon in our pockets; we’ll use it to attack
Those of us who knew better will tame the not-knowing others
Hear us out, our teeth are pointy as they seem
Hear us out, we shall not leave with clean stockings

It’s not a game in an adolescent playground
The grounds where we stand your kids they walk down
What we want is what you should want
The rightful laws of men, the rightful laws of women

We will crash the masquerade of glammed-up snakes
Your fancy wigs will not hide the numbers you took from us
No amount of glitz can outshine the fire that’s within us
It can burn the whole party along with the broken chairs and tables

Hear us out, the time we borrowed is expiring
Hear us out, the pioneers of hope are continually dying
Open your eyes (we sometimes get lost, but you know the way out)
Open the gates (the truth is the key; with sincerity it will not look rusty)

We are the young sharks of the dead sea
With courage, we will spitshine our diminishing armory
We have been swimming in search for a long due Utopia
Fins fragile, but sharpened
Age quarter a century, but with colossal means

Reynaldo D. Pagsolingan Jr., 2013


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