Fire on a Crystal Plate

I decided to go home in an impulse

Friday is crying with cold and thunders

Never did I expect things could be worse

It was a night of youth and expectations


The ride seemed empty and long in the shadows

I was suddenly struck by the glimpse of an apple

I have thought of taking a bite, wondering, old times sake

Then it offered itself to me, I trembled, I was flattered


It tasted nice, like eating fire on a crystal plate

The heat was smooth, dangerous and damning

I thought I could spend months glued in that shameful seat

Not thinking of the town’s watchful eyes, shit, how I wish


In a desperate and an awkward move, the apple turned sour

Not aware if ’twas my tongue, but definitely ’twas different

Without knowing it, Eden suddenly became Gutter Paradise

I was caught off guard, God, I was fucking stupid


Now, I waited and waited and I’m losing sleep

Every light that blinks punches my front teeth

Then Dawn came, saying it wants its thrill back

Telling me I’m a child, that I don’t deserve a reward 




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