GINGER AND ROSA (2013): A visual masterpiece and a showcase for Elle Fanning’s talent

A scene from 'Ginger and Rosa'

Ginger and Rosa are best friends.  They grew up together messing around with boys and their Moms.  Aside from living at a time in London where a nuclear holocaust could happen any day, everything is going smoothly in their teenage life. That is until Rosa took a romantic interest in Ginger’s father; causing their relationship to fall apart along with the visions they obtained together.

The movie has interesting things to say about how people are drawn into different kinds of ideals. Each character possesses a longing for a change of scenery in a world that is slowly turning into an unbearable dystopia. Everyone has something they feel the need to fight for; dreams of unison and a state of being in which they want everybody to be in. But much like some of the characters, they end up dwelling with what’s left alive and existential — their own selves.

The cinematography is superb. Saying that it’s beautifully shot is doing it a disservice. From the long shot of the two lead’s walk by the sea to the the close-ups that magnifies the portrait of  their disillusioned faces, the imagery is dazzling. Since I find every frame without fault and wondrous, I will say that it’s perfect. It kind of reminds me of Seamus McGarvey‘s work in 2007’s ‘Atonement.’

Featuring a great cast that includes Annette Bening, Timothy Spall and Christina Hendricks, Elle Fanning proves to be a force that can hold a movie together really well. Her eyes and her youthful face register a mesmerizing power on screen that it captivates your entire attention until the scene calls for an exit. The kid can  act her butt off. I will not be surprised if she scores plenty of acting nods for her role here as disenchanted Ginger.

While ‘Ginger and Rosa’ poses as a coming of age tale, you’d be surprised to discover a film that is both a visual and an emotional flare with chunks of philosophical content that is as good as day-reading Freud while being distracted by the huge amount of charisma and talent that Elle Fanning has in her possession.

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