Love :)

You smile but it aches
Pain you won’t call it
A scar that used to be skin
Watered down by your tears

You wish to revisit
But scared to see nothing
Instead you care for no one
You cry yourself to sleep

You sing with melodies
The notes are superficial
You miss digging deep
But your fingers are red and weak

For a time you went out
You shouted to make a noise
The sky dropped thunder on you
You froze to death but your body’s burnt

You stayed inside your hardened heart
Afraid to look for resolutions
You killed the memories inside your head
But kept the pieces under your bed

Now you smile and break your teeth
You keep on smiling to see your face bleed
You take the knife and stab your chest
You wanted to see but your sight has fled

Alas, love wins 🙂


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