I wanted to try to start a relationship with someone but I was a little too late.

I pretended I didn’t want it
I thought I wasn’t ready
I looked at it as silly
But when it dawned on me that it would be worth it to actually try to be happy,
I missed my chance
I lost it
I missed it
I fucked it up
I let it slip away


Buses and cabs pass through every 5 minutes
Hangover leaves you when you sleep it off
Love comes back when you wipe the dirt off your sight

Now I will wait for the right time
The right words
My courage to speak up
The balls I have always known I got

Then I will be alright

So, to you who I treated like nothing when you were definitely something:

I’m sorry
I did see you
You were great
I was stupid
You were lovely
I was a stuck-up

At least (I think)
I know now
I will soon be ready
Probably not for you,
But for myself
My happiness
The good times
The beautiful weather



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