You waste other people’s time
without feeling remorse

Keeping yourself busy by
doodling trees and birds

Looking at people’s abilities
with an eye full of snide

You front a warm
and vulnerable facade
when deep down
a devilish child
grins with glee

Plastering smiles,
tears, and fears with
a premeditated
sense of subtlety

Building up big cutesy
letters from sand
with an admixture
of shit and broken
rusty needles





You toy with your own emotions
and let your environment suffer
just because you’re self-indulgent

You touch other people
because somehow you
think you are in need of affection

The truth, however,
is you are bored as hell;
you glue your ass to a
seat wet with acid,
waiting for the burning
heat to set what’s
left of your soul ablaze

and then you wait…

until you regain half of it
with a redder shade
when summer arrives


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