The Peace Exercise

If it pains you, go out
and shout your anger
There’s no shame in losing
yourself to natural behavior
If someone ticks you off and
you find yourself blameless,
Make them feel that you’re human
so it would be known
they’re stepping boundaries

However, if you feel like
you’re biting off more
than what you could chew,
Go deep into your mind
and start playing characters

Close your eyes…

Align the idiots like
piles of garbage
waiting to be burned
You are the key
to their rightful demise
Skin them alive
and make them say
the name of their parents
For they have disappointed
them in more ways than one

When they are bleeding
non-stop and are crying for help,
remind them the days
when they treated you like shit
Get a rusty butcher knife
and spit on it twice or thrice
Chop their limbs into little pieces
and let the flesh dry under the sun

Now, concentrate…

Summon the biggest rats
you have seen on the planet
Tell them to wait for your
signal before they attack
First, you have to sprinkle salt
and pepper on the limbs of the idiots
When you finally do, scream
“Voila! The trash of the earth,
made edible just for you all,
lovely friends!”

Now, open your eyes
and breathe a sigh…

The idiots have been killed off
and they are nothing to you
In the real world, not minding
people who display alarmingly
dysfunctional thought processes
is a sign of maturity
For they have not grown
to be ripe and seasoned,
thus, they should be seen
as cunts who are
a work in progress


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