The writer of this blog was born in Pampanga, raised by a Pangasinense and a Kapampangan. He is a proud Filipino, but dislikes the outdated ways his country is living by to keep up with the difficult, changing times.

He is a writer by heart, soul, and profession.

You can follow him on his twitter address @reynaldodp.


Some of the pictures on this blog are assumed to be taken from public domain. The copyright (if any) of these pictures belong to their original publisher / photographer / copyright holder as the case may be. I claim no ownership to them otherwise stated.
If anybody has reservations / objections on the use of these materials / images or find any copyrighted material on this site, then please let me know, giving detail of copy right etc. In case, the objections are found to be appropriate, the materials / pictures will be removed from this site immediately.
  1. All written content published on this site is written by myself with the exemption of visitors’ comments and guest posts (in case of a guest post, it will be properly noted within the article).
  2. Information, images, logos and other multimedia content taken from external sources are given proper credit and are mentioned in this blog for reference purposes only. They are owned by their respective companies/owners/proprietors.
  3. In case you own rights to any of the information, images or multimedia content and do not wish them to appear on this site, please contact the owner via e-mail and such issues will be addressed properly at the soonest possible time.
  4. Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies; the owner does not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site’s content. And while he has taken the effort to provide his readers with the most accurate information, please be smart enough to decide on your own discretion before it causes any inconvenience on your part.
  5. The opinions expressed by the blogger are entirely his alone and not of anybody else’s — this does not include the opinion and point of view of his family, relatives or his friends.
  6. In case the comments posted by visitors expressing their thoughts offend someone in any way, please let the owner know of the reason so immediate action can be taken. Furthermore, these comments does not reflect the opinion of the site owner and he will not be held responsible for the accuracy and correctness of such an opinion.
  7. The site is not responsible for the content and purpose of any external website; any link to such site does not signify endorsement.
  8. If your name or photo was published on this site and you wish them to be removed, just let the site owner know and appropriate action will be taken.
  9. If you think I still need to add something to this disclaimer, feel free to let me know… Just make sure that it will not compromise anyone, especially ME.

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