Wings For Fire

I broke my bones to numb the pain
I bit my lip to stay awake
I crossed the line to hope, to live
But you pushed me off the cliff

You are my sea of fire
You are my sea of fire
You clipped my wings

I moved my things for a change of phase
But I found myself looking for your face
Now you’re gone and I’m not the same
Somehow, I think it’s for the best

You are my sea of fire
You are my sea of fire
You clipped my wings

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Drop the tears
Make ugly faces
Change is coming

Run away
Listen carefully
Your heart beats
Smile with ease

Open your eyes
See the beauty
The world bleeds
but make peace

Hug and kiss
The room is full
Touch everybody
but do it for free

Open doors
Be cautious
but polite
Sincerity is key

Life is a garden
With flowers and shit
Sleep on the grass

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Getting Out for Safety


Woke up at three
The cold kissed my lips
Your missing touch
brought me to tears

The other day
we fought and made up
Like water and oil
in a goblet

You said you love me
but it’s not enough
Our differences are
stoning our home

Maybe it should fall
down and be rebuilt
We need to go out
We need to be set free


If you look for answers
and can’t find me there
I would understand
Things run their course
Love can’t break this curse

If in the morning you
still can’t bear me a smile
If in the summer you
couldn’t rain w/o the thunders
Let’s put on our shoes and
leave the house
The door will be closed,
but always know that my
arms will remain open


I will wait but will not
hold my breath
Hopeful but not stupid
My love for you is strong
but my heart tires

In your soul-searching,
I still hope you would
find me there
‘Coz there’s still a lot of love
that’s left in me


If you look for answers
and can’t find me there
I would understand
Things run their course
Love can’t break this curse

If in the morning you
still can’t bear me a smile
If in the summer you
couldn’t rain w/o the thunders
Let’s put on our shoes and
leave the house
The door will be closed,
but always know that my
arms will remain open

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The Crack

The ground opened a crack
I found myself curious
I looked inside
It was pretty dark
A bit sad
Everyday I stared at it
Until the time came
My right foot fell off and
I was stuck

I cried for help
Waving my hands like
A fool
It was painful
Drips of blood came out
Still, no one came

Then the aching stopped
Or so I thought
Then I painted dirt on my leg
And then on my thighs
I drew black skies on my waist
I was amused
Not bored
Dirt painting for a company
Like cigarettes and coffee
I was alright then
I accepted it: the ground that bit my foot was my life

Until helplessness
Came like sad thunders
I realized,
I had to get off the crack

I chewed off the skin of my left arm
Took my human gloves off
And started disentangling
the white thick twigs
Then I sharpened them using the ground like sand paper
‘Til blood and unpointiness disappeared

I sliced slowly
Then cut forcibly
I attacked and attacked
Until I freed myself from it

As I was about to leave
I fell down and hit my head hard
I woke up woozy
I started crawling
Parts of my body gone
I cracked a smile
Feeling triumphant
Without realizing
I am not whole anymore

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I’m sitting at the porch
wondering if
I was good enough
Eyes moving, looking for
an answer; a resolution
Maybe I could
think of something
if I mourn it properly
The cuts won’t
heal easily so
maybe if I pray
it will soon go away

Drinking doesn’t seem
to fulfill my attempts at
a waste-away night
I go home defeated, gutted
With hammering noises
inside my head
Maybe it’s time to call and
not laugh at unfunny jokes
It won’t make anything easy
so maybe if I pray it will
soon go away

There’s no winning
in a losing feeling

There’s no winning
in a losing feeling

but long ago
I stopped praying

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The stairs are wet
My finger itches
Needed to be upstairs
To write about you

The room is airless
Dust is all over
Needed to breathe
To sing about you

The kitchen’s a mess
The sink is full
Needed to clean
While waiting for you


I took the stairs
I almost slipped
I was speechless
Nobody saw me

I opened the window
Bugs were everywhere
I covered my face
Nobody warned me

I cleaned it all up
Until everything’s spotless
My hands were bleeding
Nobody helped me


The rain stops
So is my fear
Needed to exit
To see the sun

The buzzing’s gone
I open my mouth
I call out your name
I don’t need a reply

The cuts will heal
That’s for sure
I take a hot shower
To make love with water

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The Peace Exercise

If it pains you, go out
and shout your anger
There’s no shame in losing
yourself to natural behavior
If someone ticks you off and
you find yourself blameless,
Make them feel that you’re human
so it would be known
they’re stepping boundaries

However, if you feel like
you’re biting off more
than what you could chew,
Go deep into your mind
and start playing characters

Close your eyes…

Align the idiots like
piles of garbage
waiting to be burned
You are the key
to their rightful demise
Skin them alive
and make them say
the name of their parents
For they have disappointed
them in more ways than one

When they are bleeding
non-stop and are crying for help,
remind them the days
when they treated you like shit
Get a rusty butcher knife
and spit on it twice or thrice
Chop their limbs into little pieces
and let the flesh dry under the sun

Now, concentrate…

Summon the biggest rats
you have seen on the planet
Tell them to wait for your
signal before they attack
First, you have to sprinkle salt
and pepper on the limbs of the idiots
When you finally do, scream
“Voila! The trash of the earth,
made edible just for you all,
lovely friends!”

Now, open your eyes
and breathe a sigh…

The idiots have been killed off
and they are nothing to you
In the real world, not minding
people who display alarmingly
dysfunctional thought processes
is a sign of maturity
For they have not grown
to be ripe and seasoned,
thus, they should be seen
as cunts who are
a work in progress



You waste other people’s time
without feeling remorse

Keeping yourself busy by
doodling trees and birds

Looking at people’s abilities
with an eye full of snide

You front a warm
and vulnerable facade
when deep down
a devilish child
grins with glee

Plastering smiles,
tears, and fears with
a premeditated
sense of subtlety

Building up big cutesy
letters from sand
with an admixture
of shit and broken
rusty needles





You toy with your own emotions
and let your environment suffer
just because you’re self-indulgent

You touch other people
because somehow you
think you are in need of affection

The truth, however,
is you are bored as hell;
you glue your ass to a
seat wet with acid,
waiting for the burning
heat to set what’s
left of your soul ablaze

and then you wait…

until you regain half of it
with a redder shade
when summer arrives



I wanted to try to start a relationship with someone but I was a little too late.

I pretended I didn’t want it
I thought I wasn’t ready
I looked at it as silly
But when it dawned on me that it would be worth it to actually try to be happy,
I missed my chance
I lost it
I missed it
I fucked it up
I let it slip away


Buses and cabs pass through every 5 minutes
Hangover leaves you when you sleep it off
Love comes back when you wipe the dirt off your sight

Now I will wait for the right time
The right words
My courage to speak up
The balls I have always known I got

Then I will be alright

So, to you who I treated like nothing when you were definitely something:

I’m sorry
I did see you
You were great
I was stupid
You were lovely
I was a stuck-up

At least (I think)
I know now
I will soon be ready
Probably not for you,
But for myself
My happiness
The good times
The beautiful weather



A Hopeless Case of Cognitive Dissonance

I have come to feel comfortable in a place where I always rest my head on top of a rock that is rough around the edges and has a constantly switching temperature of cold and warm. A sanctuary where no matter how high or low the volumes of my inner battles are, it’s always quiet and dim. It’s where I force myself to think about the worst scenarios that could happen to me, and where I manipulate my thoughts into making my loved ones act in great sorrow for how the world has smacked the face of my half-baked perceptions about life.  

It’s a home for a small candle that I sometimes light whenever I feel deserted by the beams of happiness that I inadvertently collect from people. It’s a friendly place that knows me, but will never tell the things that are right for me.

It’s a box of misery that will probably stay forever at a corner, but will not be thrown away because of its sentimental value. It feels like an excess in most occasions, and has a reputation of contaminating thoughts, but its companionship trumps the duration of every single identifiable emotion. It’s confusing, really, to determine whether it’s a décor hung for self-indulgence or an essential design functioning for balance. Its nature sounds overwrought, but it’s also probably just me pondering the entirety of something as simple as chipping your toe nails when they become long and disgusting, and thoroughly washing your hands with soap to remove the awful smelI off your already filthy hands.