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“Caché”, “Aliens”, and “The Witch” Quick Reviews

It is the holidays, and what better way to relax than review the backlog of movies I wasn’t able to see because of a hectic schedule all year. I usually rank the movies I watch in a marathon from my most fave to the least (because I’m a stupid idiot), but the ones listed below are really great in their own different ways, so no ranking. The three I’ve seen so far are below (and up there in the title lol).

Caché (2005), or Hidden in English, is a perfectly-paced quiet thriller that uses ‘colonial guilt’ as subtext to the intriguing storyline. It dethroned The White Ribbon as my third favorite Michael Haneke film. My first and second are Funny Games and Amour.

Aliens (1986) is an action-packed horror that IMO is so much better than its predecessor. While at times a bit loud because of the action scenes, it still managed to be more frightening than the low-key Alien because of the proper use of editing, and the scary showmanship of the ‘Queen.’

The Witch (2016) is a horror mystery that thrives in its ability to scare your wits not by cheap shocks and gore, but by  its suggestive power found underneath its enigmatic symbolism and the script’s subtlety.

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